How To Grow Edges Faster

Rubbing the thinning areas with oil or oil mixture treatments can also aid in re-growing hair in those areas. These treatments will reduce the damage on your edges by repairing the follicles and encourage hair growth. According to Livestrong, rubbing your scalp with vitamin E is a great way to stimulate growth.

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How to grow your edges back in 4 weeksStep 4: The growth of your edges is going to take time and consistency If you continue to avoid styles that put too much strain on your hair, reduce manipulation and nourish your edges they will grow back but it is going to take consistency. It may take a couple of months or more before you notice improvement, but it is well worth the wait.

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Fast forward two years later. My hairline started to recede so bad that I finally said NO to balding edges. I went to the nearest store and came back with 2 beautiful wigs and I started my wig regime. Within the first 7 weeks I grew my edges back and I stayed off weaves in total for 6 months and left my relaxed hair to grow.

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At least once a week I'm asked about edges—how to care for them, how to style them, how to grow them back, what products to use for them, the list of concerns …

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