Does Vaseline Grow Edges

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May 15, 2015 … How to Regrow Thinning Edges is a common question with several answers depending on cause. … Scar tissue does not preserve follicles which leads to permanent hair loss in the affected area. … If you experience burns, scabs, or sores on the scalp, apply vaseline or an ointment to the affected areas.

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How To: KEEP & GROW YOUR EDGES + Fake Fuller Edges (MUST WATCH!)Vaseline for Hair Growth … While there are many products of the market sold to do this, vaseline can be used in their place … How to Make Hair Grow Faster for …

wow! Comments By: thatgirl2998 on 2009-06-30. i love vaseline on my hair! it does so good and makes my hair grow. well you see, i put a lot on my hair before i go to bed and when i wake up, it isnt greasy and its much more managable! i think its better than grease! vaseline on your hair comments by: tess on 2009-07 -09.

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